Mechanical seal application in pumps

- Sep 04, 2017-

Mechanical seals are often used in pumps handling hazardous as well as non- hazardous liquids that must be contained within the unit.

* The single seal arrangement is most widely used in process industry.

* Single seal design consists of a rotary face in contact with a stationary face.

* For most services, a carbon face mating against tungsten carbide is satisfactory

* Seals offer the advantages of long life, low maintenance and high reliability.

* In general, seals handling light specific gravity liquids at low temperature and high vapor pressure give most problems in the field.

* Materials for cold service seals must be suitable for temperatures of start-up, cool down and running ; the atmospheric side must be held above 160C (320F) to prevent ice formation; and there must be enough liquid at the seal surfaces

* Successful operation of any seal depends largely on correctly specifying liquid conditions of vapor pressure, temperature specific gravity, etc.

* API Standard 682 is an excellent resource for overall mechanical seal application guidelines.

* The pressure in the seal chamber (stuffing box) must be at least 25psig above the pump suction pressure.

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