Mechanical seals: How to Choose O-ring?(I)

- Jun 28, 2018-

We are the factory to provide mechanical seal, including replacement Mechanical seals for Alfa Laval pumps, APV pumps, Flygt, Hilge, Waukesha, KSB pumps, and Johncrane, Burgmann, Vulcan, and etc in the Food, Beverage, Chemical, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic and water treatment industry. OEM&OEM also supported.


In order to better serve you, this topic is divided into five parts, to explain to you how to better use the O-ring. To make your business more robust, and public safety can be better guaranteed.

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This is the first part of how to choose O-ring:


The characters and the standard:

O-rings are widely used in a variety of dynamic and static sealing applications because of their low manufacturing cost and ease of use.


Most countries have established series of product standards for O-ring seals, among which American Standard (AS 568), Japanese Standard (JIS B 2401), and International Standard (ISO 3601/1) are more general.

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