Mechanical seals: How to Choose O-ring?(II)

- Jul 04, 2018-

In order to better serve you, this topic is divided into five parts, to explain to you how to better use the O-ring. To make your business more robust, and public safety can be better guaranteed.

o-ring mechanical seal.jpg

This is the second part of how to choose O-ring:


Sealing mechanism:

The O-ring is an automatic two-way sealing element. The radial and axial pre-compression of the mounting imparts an initial sealing capability to the O-ring itself. It increases as the system pressure increases. 


Performance parameter:    

static sealDynamic seal
Working Pressure

Without a retaining ring, up to 20MPa;

With a retaining ring, up to 40MPa;

Up to 200MPa when using special retaining rings。

Without a retaining ring, up to5MPa;

Higher pressure when there is a retaining ring
working speedThe maximum reciprocating speed is up to 0.5m/s and the maximum rotating speed is up to 2.0m/s
TemperatureGeneral occasion:-30℃~+110℃;Special rubber:-60℃~+250℃;Rotating occasion:-30℃~+80℃

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