High Durability Double Mechanical Seal for Corrosive Fluids

High Durability Double Mechanical Seal for Corrosive Fluids

Item: DL-MD-05
Brand Name: DaoLin
Type: Double Mechanical Seal
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Product Details

Product Name: High durability double mechanical seal for corrosive fluids


Double Mechanical Seal is a combination of two seals mounted either back-to-back, or single seal having sealing faces on both sides or tandem type. These seals can be single-coiled or multi springs type besides they can have a combination of unbalance / unbalance, unbalance / balance or balance / balance tandem types. These seals are suitable for handling media which otherwise cannot be handled by single seals. For cooling the seal faces during operation, a clear compatible liquid is circulated between two seals at a higher pressure of one bar than the pumped liquid. The internal seal prevents the liquid from entering the circulation system while the external seal prevents it from leaking to the environment.

Main Application Industry:

Mechanical seal application.jpg

Operational Conditions:                             

Shaft diameter:20mm to 80mm 

Temperature:-20ºC to +180ºC





Stationary Ring: Carbon/SiC/TC

Rotary Ring: SiC/TC

Secondary Seal: NBR/EPDM/Viton

Spring and Metal Parts: SS304/SS316


Muddy water, Sewage water, Weakly corrosive fluids with solid grains.


1.Tissue paper + Carton box

2.As per customer’s requirement

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Shipping method:

1.By Express: DHL,UPS,EMS,TNT or Fedex

2.By air, or by sea are all available.

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