Wear Resistance O-Ring Design Mechanical Seals for Water Pumps

Wear Resistance O-Ring Design Mechanical Seals for Water Pumps

Item: DL-OR-01
Brand Name: DaoLin
Type: O Ring Mechanical Seal
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Product Details

Product Name: Wear resistance O-ring design mechanical seals for water pumps


O-rings is circular rubber ring, it has the round cross section rubber ring. The materials are mainly Nitrile butadiene rubber or fluoro rubber. O type sealing ring is widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system. The property of this mechanical seal are oil-resistant, acid resistant, abrasion resistant. In chemical erosion environment it still works perfectly in sealing and shock resistance.

Main application industry:

Mechanical seal application.jpg

Operational Conditions:

Shaft diameter:10mm to 100mm

Temperature:-20ºC to +180ºC




Stationary Ring: SiC/TC

Rotary Ring: Carbon/SiC/TC

Secondary Seal: NBR/EPDM/TC

Spring and Metal Parts: SS304/SS316


Clean water,Sewage water,Oil and other moderately corrosive fluid,etc


1.Tissue paper + Carton box

2.As per customer’s requirement

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Shipping method:

1.By Express: DHL,UPS,EMS,TNT or Fedex

2.By air, or by sea are all available.

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