High Demand For Fluid Handling Equipment With Solutions !

- Jan 18, 2018-

With the largest population of 4.4 billion, Asia's economy is growing at an average of 6% annually.  Asia has exhibited economic dynamism as well as robust population growth during the 20th century. More people are moving into large cities, favored for accumulating wealth and consuming and nowhere is urbanization faster than in Asia.


The Asia Market for various Fluid Handling Equipment is so huge that it will be the major market to ignore. Fluid Solution Asia 2018 event covers the major sectors on air, gas and fluid handling on Pumps(What we provide is the mechanical seals for the pumps) & Systems, Compressors, Rotating Equipment, Industrial Valves, Filtration & Separation, Corrosion, Lubrication & Specialty Fluid Systems and Pipeline Integrity Management. Asia market size for fluid handling equipment and systems will grow at over 8% at current USD790 Billion to hit USD860 Billion by 2017.

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Great Market Opportunities:


In Asia, increased demand in water infrastructure, process manufacturing as well as oil & gas production has accelerated the use of more efficient and reliable fluid handling equipment, systems and solutions to improve operational procedures at minimum cost. There are strong needs and demands of engineers, end-users to constantly upgrade and look for more efficient and cost effective solutions to the operational procedures.


50% of World Water Utilities and Infrastructure Development market is found in Asia. Demand in the water infrastructure market can be viewed from two different stages of the nation’s development, for developing nations, access to water supply and sanitation will be increased as more people are moving into the cities- for developed nations, aging water infrastructure will need repair and upgrade.

Asia has the largest oil and gas infrastructure in the world. At any time, oil companies have to update and maintain it well as any shutdown will be costly. Hence, tremendous amount of efforts and resources are put in place for predictive maintenance. One simple example, an upstream underwater oil or gas pipeline that runs by thousands of km needs effective Pipeline Integrity Management to keep the oil or gas to deliver its end point without major and costly shutdown.

Chemical Industry Market, Asia’s 52% share of World Chemical Market is worth over US$400 Billion. Demand for fluid handling equipment and aftermarket parts will benefit from the buoyant regional demand due to fast-paced industrialization, manufacturing and extensive infrastructure needs.

The demand for effective solutions to use the following: corrosion inhibitors, lubricants & greases, metalworking and specialty fluid, bearings as well as for example the use of automatic valves which will outpace demand for conventional valves and parts due to ongoing efforts by process manufacturers, light and heavy manufacturers to improve operational efficiencies indicate the need for more cost effective solutions is already the in-thing in Asia.

And with the next big thing coming on board - Internet of Things (IoT), it will definitely change the whole landscape in the global fluid handling equipment business, as well its marketing strategies.


In the nutshell, Asia's economy and market are evolving to be the biggest market in the world. Hence, the needs on using reliable, efficient and yet cost effective solutions are in strong demand. As a professional mechanical seals manufacturer, DaoLin will provide you the most efficient and reliable products, services, technologies with the most cost effective solutions.

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