Lishan Mountain Sightseeing

- Aug 22, 2017-

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Lishan Mountain as one of the branches of Qinling Mountains is located in the Lintong District of Xi’ an city,Shanxi province.It is renowned for its scenic beauty that is like breathtaking brocade , so it is also also called Xiuling ( the beautiful mountain ). At sunset,the afterglow tints the mount far and near with an enchanting golden luster , and the scene is very it is appreciated as the Sunset of Lishan Mountain,which is one of the Shaanxi Guanzhong Eight Scenes.

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Many of the tales and stories originate from the mountain . The well - known tale that Nvwa mended the sky by colorful stones comes out in Lishan Mountain.The historical literary quotation that the seigneurs are fooled by the King You with war flame, and a single smile makes the king lose his country just happened here.


Tradition has it that the King You of the Western Zhou dynasty (11th century B.C.-771 B.C.) once set fire on the beacon tower to fool the seigneurs in order to put a single smile on the face of his concubine Baosi. The first Emperor of Qin Dynasty constructed his mausoleum at the foot of the Lishan Mountain and  left the terra - cotta warriors and horses .The love story of Emperor Xuan and concubine Yang Yuhuan in tang dynasty  are romantic. Emperess Cixi of Qing dynasty used to escape to Lishan Mountain for the luxurious palace life.

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Bingjian Pavilion as the fore site of the Xi'an Incident of December 1 9 3 6 is one of the famous historical attraction of the mountain.

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The scenery of Lishan Mountain is beautiful,and it has been a tourist attraction in all ages.

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