Rubber Bellows & Cups

- Sep 18, 2017-


Restistan to oil,pressure and wear,good elasticity and mechanical strength;applicable to the mediums including water,oil,alcohol,etc from -20oC to 100oC


Resistant to high or low temperatures, ozone and chemicals;applicable to weak acids with temperatures from -35oC to 150oC


Resistant to heat,oil,medicine and chemical reagents,acid and alkali with medium corrosive degrees;applicable to the corrosive mediums from -20oC to 180oC

Silica Gel

Resistant to ozone,aging,acetic acid,ammonia and alcohol;applicable to alcohol, alkali, etc from -50oC to 210oC

Chlorinated Rubber

Resistant to Freon,petroleum;applicable to inorganic acid,alkali,running from -30oC to 130oC


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