O Type Rubber Parts for Mechanical Seal

O Type Rubber Parts for Mechanical Seal

Item: DL-OR-01
Brand Name: DaoLin
Type: O Ring
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Product Details

Product Name: O Type rubber parts for mechanical seal


O-Ring Seals help to protect and seal against fluids/liquids and gas loss.  O-rings are designed for both static and dynamic applications. The seal assembly consists of an Elastomer O-Rings and a gland. An O-Ring is a circular cross-section ring molded from rubber. A properly designed O-ring groove allows the O-ring to be squeezed diametrically out-of-round even before the pressure is applied. The distortion of the O-ring’s resilient elastic compound fills the leakage path, thus, creating a seal.

Each O-Ring can be custom made to fit into your engineered gland, and when an O-Ring is applied to a properly designed gland, it will seal against a variety of high temperatures, cryogenic conditions, and chemicals.

Mechanical seal application.jpg


Common: 20-50 degree Centigrade


NBR (-40-120 C ),ACM(-30 -180 C), Viton (-20-200 C), Silicone (-70 -220 ), EPDM (-50-150).



NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, FFKM, PTFE.


Red, Black, White, or as customer’s requirement


Hardness: 40-90 Shore A

Uses:Non-slip, Shock absorption, Seal, Dustproof

Special Features: 

Oil resistant, heat resistant, abrasion resistant, aging resistant, insulation, acid and alkaline resistant, shock absorption,etc.


Extensively used in Pumps, Valves, Mechanical Seals, Actuators, Hydraulic, Pneumatic cylinders, Filters, Lubricating systems, etc.