Steel Spring for Mechanical Seals

Steel Spring for Mechanical Seals

Item: DL-SP-01
Brand Name: DaoLin
Type: Spring

Product Details

Product Name: Steel Spring for mechanical seals


The steel spring energizes the seal and supplies all the load needed for sealing when the media pressure is too low to fully actuate the lips.


The spring also makes up for variations in gland tolerance and normal seal wear. As a seal loading device, a metal spring is more accurate than devices such as O-rings for controlling friction. The flexible spring allows for an extensive tolerance range that can help surmount hardware misalignment and eccentricity, without causing added friction or the inability to seal.

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Hastelloy, Stainless steel (SUS), 65Mn Coated with chrome,etc.



Cylinder Spring, Conical spring, Multi-spring, wave spring,etc. 



Zinc, copper, nickel, chrome plating, galvanized, etc



Good hardness and resistance to both high and low temperature.

DaoLin manufactures and supplies a wide range of mechanical seals, replacement seals and the seal spare parts. They are widely used in food, beverage and dairy industries.The material parts conform to food safety and hygiene requirements. If you are in fluid processing industry or food industry, please contact us with any questions about products, technical issues, quotes or orders.

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